Eyelash extension training: Lash to lash method and russian volume technique

Whilst doing this course, we guarantee you an effective method for you to become an experienced eyelash extension professional.


A training which focuses on its practice, including innovative and concrete techniques all ensuring the upmost in safety and hygiene.

At the end of the course, a certificate of skill will be awarded to you once you have submitted photos of a further 3 more eyelash extension applications.

The methods used during trainings are lash to lash or Russian Volume. You are expected to come with your model free of any make up, without lenses and not pregnant to be as comfortable as possible. Bring your glasses (if applicable) and a notebook/pen.

Video showing the lash to lash method of extensions by Apparence Beauté


The training lasts 4 hours and needs to be booked in advance. It will give you an accelerated training as your tutor will always be by your side: She will correct your mistakes as soon as necessary. You will work with her tools and products, so it is not necessary to purchase any materials for this course. This is interesting if you are not sure whether you want it to make it your career or just a complimentary activity.

EYELASH EXTENTIONS TRAINING : Russian volume technique

The training for the Russian Volume method will only be given after one year of practicing the lash to lash method.

Pictures will be requested in order to assess if candidates have reached the necessary level to take the Russian Volume method training.

A 50% deposit will be requested when booking (bank transfer) and the total on the day of training.


Wear comfortable clothing.



Technical aspects of eyelash extensions

  • Presentation of products

  • The do's and don'ts

  • Information on hygiene

  • Preparation of the work space

  • Demonstration by your tutor


Practice on model

  • Isolating lashes

  • Applying lash to lash lashes

  • Advice on the after care

  • How to remove eyelash extensions

  • Commercial aspects


More information of our method of applying eyelash extensions.

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PRICING TRAININGS EYELASH EXTENSIONs (lash to lash or russian volume) 
  • Individual training Eyelash extensions: 350 € HTVA (material not provided)

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