Which techniques are the best for applying false nails?

One can purchase false nails at the super market; they are fixed on with a special non professional glue. They can only hold for a couple of days and not much longer. In the long run these nails will ruin your actual nails and will result in them being in a worse state than before.

You also have the false nails used in some salons, called prosthetic, tips or capsules…these false nails are used with a stronger glue and therefore hold for longer. If they are well applied they can hold for up to three weeks, after which they will need to be retouched. After a few visits to the salon your own nails will have grown and the false nails have disappeared.

Sometimes false nails are necessary. For example if your nails are too short or if they are bitten nails.

The technique we use in Apparence Beauté is very different. When seeing the catastrophes these methods can produce we do not use these types of false nails. Apparence Beauté uses the chablon technique. A technique which allows us to cover 100% of the surface of the nail. So goodbye false nails and hello to the strength that these will bring you.

The majority of women know that it is important to make a good impression. For communicating either in their professional and social life or even to seduce!

This is why Apparence Beauté gives a total guarantee of success from the first application. Do not entrust your nails to just anyone! It is important to know who you are going to, which products they use and what methods are possible,…

Discover the methods when applying either gelacrylic, semi permanent gel.

So make an appointment at Apparence Beauté, your centre of well being, it is only then that you will see the difference!

False nails application

by Apparence Beauté

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