Permanent eye make-up - Eyeliner

You will be made up around the clock! Practical for those who have little time to do their makeup or for those sporty types. This permanent makeup will never run or and will always stay impeccable.

Apparence Beauté will give you the best advice in terms of colour and shape. The tattooing of the permanent makeup will only take place once you are totally happy with the drawing.

Permanent eyeliner has become increasingly popular. More and more women embrace this method because they realise the amount of time they can save every day. Also, eyeliners are not always easy to get right when applying them to oneself.

The upper line can either be thick or thin. The choice will depend on the shape of your eyes, face and your tastes. The permanent makeup applied to the bottom lid will be drawn flush to the eyelashes and not on the inside lid so as not to damage the lachrymal duct.

Permanent eyeliner can also correct a droopy eye or one that is too round. It is, for that reason, important to know the look that you are after before the tattooing of the permanent eyeliner can begin.Apparence Beauté is there to advise you.

Permanent eyeliner will correct defects and make you look more appealing, it will bring out the colour of your eyes and it lasts from 2 to 3 years. All will depend on your exposure to the sun, cellular renewal, the medication you're taking.

Permanent eyeliner may need to be retouched after 3 weeks as the skin can reject the pigment. This also gives us a chance to check the symmetry of the lines for a great final result. This can be slightly painful, which is why one needs to be healthy and not pregnant.

For the more natural woman, it is possible to create a more intense look without looking like one is made up. Instead of drawing an eyeliner line, one makes dots between each eyelash. No one will notice that you are made up. The result is amazingly natural with 100% satisfaction!

Permanent eyeliner can be done on the top or bottom lid, and will give a sparkle to your look.

Video showing a permanent makeup by Apparence Beauté

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  • Thin lower eyeliner: 150€

  • Thin upper eyeliner: 150€

  • Upper and lower eyeliner: 275€

  • Very thick eyeliner: 199€

  • Intensification of upper or lower eyelashes: 149€

  • Intensification of upper and lower eyelashes: 225€

  • Beauty spot: 50€

  • Freckles: 100€

  • Retouch after one year: 100€

  • Gift vouchers are available

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