Some people wish to get rid of their beauty spots or freckles. Can you believe it!

Permanent makeup is ideal for all those, unlike others, who dream of having them.

Permanent beauty spots or freckles will give you a younger and more dynamic feel! All the sensuality will emerge from your face.

The advantage of permanent makeup is that it takes no time to do and it is not necessary to do a retouch. The pain is next to nothing. One has to wait a few days for the permanent makeup to become natural and defined. It will add to your look for years.

Beauty spots and freckles are the two most popular types of permanent makeup requested!Apparence Beauté will advise you as it is important that they fit in with your physiognomy. The method used for this type of permanent makeup is extremely precise.

You must equally understand the meaning of where a beauty spot is placed on your face. A beauty spot in the corner of your eye will not have the same meaning as one by your mouth. Ask for our advice. 

Permanent makeup for beauty spots and freckles will mean you no longer need to use a pencil on your face and it will no longer smudge! We will decide together the best position for your beauty spot and freckles.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. If you wish to do more than one tattoo at a time a discount will be offered. Apparence Beauté will do our best to make sure you are totally satisfied.

Video showing a permanent makeup by Apparence Beauté

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Our beauty institute is located in Brussels:

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Phone : 0476.753.722


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  • Thin lower eyeliner: 150€

  • Thin upper eyeliner: 150€

  • Upper and lower eyeliner: 275€

  • Very thick eyeliner: 199€

  • Intensification of upper or lower eyelashes: 149€

  • Intensification of upper and lower eyelashes: 225€

  • Beauty spot: 50€

  • Freckles: 150€

  • Retouch after one year: 100€

  • Gift vouchers are available

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