(Eyeliner, Lashes, Lips, Freckles...)

Permanent make up is ideal for the modern, the sporty or just the women who find it difficult applying their own makeup.


Permanent makeup is a method using pigmentation. It accentuates the contours of the eyes using a line of eyeliner on the bottom and/or top lid or a accentuation of the lashes.


The line can be either thick or thin so no more runny eyeliner.

One can also work on eyebrows. These will be done in a natural manner, meaning hair by hair and not just a big block as one did in the old days.

For the more daring it is also possible to create freckles and beauty spots, à la Cindy Crawford.

The pigment is injected into the dermis (not as deep as a tattoo), which is why the life span of permanent makeup is 3 to 5 years. Exposure to the sun, the colour of the pigment and medication all influence the life span of permanent makeup. One needs to be aware that permanent makeup has a shorter life span for persons who have, or have had, cancer.

Permanent make up is ideal for the modern, the sporty or just the women who find it difficult applying their own makeup. It is also a great solution for people with sensitive skin. Even though a local anaesthetic is used this procedure does remain painful. It is not advisable for pregnant women (as an anaesthetic is used and because of the pain) and for those who are sensitive to pain.


PERMANENT MAKE-UP (Eyeliner, Lashes, Lips,...)
PERMANENT MAKE-UP freckles and beauty spots

During your consultation the treated zone will firstly be drawn in pencil, then, when you are satisfied with the shape, the tattooing of the permanent makeup can begin.


All hygiene regulations are respected and each needle is only used once.


One needs to know the colour will be more intense during, and for a few days after, the treatment.


It will then attenuate and become more refined. After several days parts of the tattoo can become quite light and for this reason it is necessary to return 3 weeks later for a touch up (this is included in the price).


Your permanent makeup will then be perfect!

Video showing a permanent makeup by Apparence Beauté

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  • Thin lower eyeliner: 150€

  • Thin upper eyeliner: 150€

  • Upper and lower eyeliner: 275€

  • Very thick eyeliner: 199€

  • Intensification of upper or lower eyelashes: 149€

  • Intensification of upper and lower eyelashes: 225€

  • Beauty spot: 50€

  • Freckles: 150€

  • Retouch after one year: 100€

  • Gift vouchers are available