Microblading is an ancestral Asian technique of skin pigmentation.

Microblading is recommended for those (women/men) who want to transform the thickness, the shape and density of their eyelashes.

The microblading technique is also recommended for people suffering from alopecia (partial or total hair loss)

The difference with permanent make up is that lines are thinner, less deep (0,2-0,3 mm), color does not alter and hair roots are not affected.

The tool used is a metal pencil equipped with nano needles forming a very sharp blade.

Similar to the permanent make up, microblading will be darker during the first weeks and will get to its final color after one month.

It fades smoothly and disapear completely after 18 month.

Microblading can be applied on existing permanent make up, but Apparence Beauté cannot guarantee an optimal result in that case.

It is sometimes recommended to remove permanent make up by means of Lazer technology.

Microshading is a technique that can be used alone but is it recommended to use it together with Microblabing. Microshading enables to shadow eyebrow in order to obtain a velvet and powdered effect.

Maquillag permanent des sourcils

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  • Microblading and/or full microshading: 275€ (retouch included after one month)

  • Retouch every 3 months: 50€

  • Retouch every year: 100€

  • After 16 mois: 275€ (retouch included after one month)