Foot reflexology will seduce even the most sceptic of people.

A foot reflexology massage is amazing! It's a massage which is mainly performed using pressure points, sliding motions and rotation massage. Every organ corresponds to points on your feet, which we call "reflex zones".


Reflexology is a gentle form of healing which helps the body find its homeostasis. Meaning that the body has all the facilities to self regulate itself properly.

Often, in times of stress our body finds it hard to function normally and we tend to look towards pills to find some sort of balance.

But if you took the time to regularly see a good reflexologist, you might not need all those pills. Therefore it is important to understand that you should check with your doctor to reassess your medication.


Regular appointments with your foot reflexologists can keep many ailments at bay such as sleep disorders, digestive problems, back tensions, circulatory improvements, elimination of toxins, activation of the lymphatic system,…

Why is foot reflexology not for me? Any inflammation of the legs and feet, recent cardiac problems, circulatory problems (phlebitis), the first trimester of pregnancy.

Foot reflexology will seduce even the most sceptic of people.

Foot reflexology can also be associated with Chinese energy healing. We will take into consideration the five elements, the Ying and Yang, the meridians,... This allows us to treat the individual as a whole (their soul, their body and their spirit) and to perform a complete work.

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