Application of false nails in semi permanent gel

Semi permanent gel is an alternative to gel. Applying semi permanent gel is less damaging to the nail as it doesn't necessitate filing the top layer of the nail.

But there is a drawback. It does not last as long as gel or resin. Semi permanent gel will last between 10 to 14 days maximum and sadly the cost remains just as high.

Semi permanent gel remains an interesting solution if you want to use it promptly. There are also a multitude of colour choices with these gels.

At Apparence Beauté we believe that if you wish to opt for a long term solution it is preferable to apply gel as it is the least expensive and a visit is only needed after 3 weeks.

However, semi permanent gel is ideal for your holidays or a special occasion such as a wedding, an evening out…

Another advantage when compared to a traditional nail varnish is that there is no drying time! The client places her hands under a LED or UV lamp and the semi permanent gel is set. Therefore there is no risk that your nail varnish may still be damp underneath. If you use semi permanent gel on your feet, you can put your shoes back on directly after it is applied. How great is that?

Apparance Beauté, your centre of well being, will give you advice in choosing the best option for you depending on the condition of your nails, what sort of results you are looking for and how often you wish to come. Contact us.

False nails application

by Apparence Beauté

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