Application of false nails in gel

Some people believed that gel nails were just a passing fashion but this was false. Gel is a way of life, another way of being! They have been around for many years and this technique is the most widespread.

Gel is a material which has the consistency of a hair gel. It can be more or less liquid depending on the brand and the quality. There are clear gels and coloured gels for whatever effect your heart may desire.

Apparence Beauté uses this technique 90% of the time. It gives a magnificent result when well done but can easily break if applied too thinly and look unnatural when applied too thickly. It's all a question of expertise.

Gel is easier to use than resin and its smell is less toxic.

Gel offers an infinity of possibilities in decorations. One can use stickers or even create one's own design, and it goes without saying - the possibilities with those little diamond crystals….. There are many techniques which give incredible results, from the natural to a more sophisticated look!

Gel also offers a lot of time saving for women who are too busy or have little patience applying nail varnish. They won't have to worry about their nails for 3 to even 4 weeks. It is also a miracle solution for those with nails that either break or split.

Gel is also less aggressive on your natural nail so don't hesitate and go for an easier and more agreeable way of life.

False nails application

by Apparence Beauté

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