Application of false acrylic nails

Resin has been around for over 30 years and is still used today. They make a real impression as they are very robust and look very natural.

Nowadays, because of its toxicity (monomer) and being inhaled all day by the professional the resin is practised less. However, Apparence Beauté continues its use as it remains strongly recommended for people who either bite their nails or to just lengthen their nails.

Resin is also practised less as the resin is very difficult to manipulate compared to a gel. One needs amazing dexterity to have perfect resin nails.

The resin is very solid which enables one to create any shape that one may desire. One is able to create the nail using the resin (for example with bitten nails) and do the rest of the modelling in gel or just make the whole construction with the resin.

Resin is the perfect solution for the woman whose hands endure hardship as resin is very strong.

One can have natural resin or apply a shiny layer on top. Decorations are also possible with resin.

If you are still hesitating, take the time to contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you find the best technique for your nails.

Did you know? Resin is THE solution for guitarists, the pick is replaced by the extended nail.

This technique is equally appropriate for men (yes, men also bite their nails) as the resin is very natural looking, and one just can't tell!

Apparence Beauté works with a good number of musicians and they are all very happy with the result. Therefore there is no excuse, Apparence Beauté can satisfy anyone and everyone.

False nails application

by Apparence Beauté

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