(Lash by lash and Russian volume)

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APPLICATION OF EYELASH EXTENSION (Lash to lash and Russian volume)

Many women have already tried eyelash extensions and ended up having a bad experience.


They worry they may lose all their lashes. Apparence Beauté promises that you will not regret it.


Women have often contacted us in complete desperation but Apparence Beauté was able to create miracles!


Our clients have been faithful for 15 years and it's thanks to them that we have managed to deepen our knowledge and start an eyelash extensions class so as to be able to train new practitioners our new method.

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Here is the innovative method to elongate and thicken your eyelashes!

APPLICATION OF EYELASH EXTENSION (Lash to lash and Russian volume)

Video showing the lash to lash method of extensions by Apparence Beauté

This technique is the most recommend as it respects the nature of your lashes. One needs to know that for longevity and to avoid disaster in the long run, there are certain rules to respect. Eyelash extensions aren't hit or miss. Unfortunately, in many establishments this isn't the case! Eyelash extensions should not exceed more than 1/3 of your own lashes, if they do they will be too heavy thus damaging the root after several months or years. If the lash is too heavy, your own lashes, which will then grow, will start to sag and you will no longer have that doe eyed look! this is why, Apparence Beauté listens to their clients needs and will decide, with your approval, the best alternative. And the same goes for the thickness of the lashes.

Apparence beauté use silk lashes. Silk lashes are light and silk as they are a natural and supple hair which will give you a better comfort.

Our eyelash extensions are very natural looking, safe, hygienic and can last up to 4 weeks, depending on the cycle of your own lashes (60-90 days) and how much care you lavish on them. It is strongly recommend to have them retouched after a maximum of 3 weeks. Some people prefer to come back after two weeks in order to continuously keep a perfect effect, the price will then be lower. People who exceed the 3 weeks run the risk of being asked a supplement for the extra work involved.

The eyes need to be closed and protected during the procedure. The professional will glue an average of 100 to 150 lashes per eye.

The eyelash extensions of Apparence Beauté are ultra light, water resistant to showers, sweat, sports, tears,...

Each extension is shaped just like your own lash, beautifully curved, thicker at the base and thinner at the extremity.

One can have a very natural effect or alternatively a very sophisticated look thanks to the difference in thickness, curvature and lengths of the lashes.



Russian volume is the very latest technique. It is revolutionary as it is capable of lengthening and intensifying the lashes. The real and unique way one works to obtain the Russian volume is by having the ability to catch several lashes in one go, silk or mink, and to glue them together on one lash. One then gets 2D (2 lashes) 3D (3 lashes) 4D (4 lashes)

One would therefore think that the weight would be more important than that of the lash to lash, and that it would damage ones lashes, but this is not the case as there are lashes on the market now that are designed especially for the Russian volume. They are much lighter and thinner, which allows one to apply more.

Be careful when one talks about Russian volume as often it is the bunches of lashes they place on the lashes (with or without knots).

A retouch for the Russian volume is identical to that of the lash to lash; it's recommended at a maximum of every 3 weeks. The price is higher than the lash to lash as there are 2X, 3X,4X more lashes used.

Apparence Beauté will advise you on the best method so as to not damage your lashes and to keep them intact throughout your life.

Video showing the russion volume method of extensions by Appearance Beauty

What does one need to do before an eyelash extension appointment?

  • Remove all traces of your eye makeup and clean your eyelashes with a gentle non oil based makeup remover! If you use an oil based makeup remover your extensions will not hold! Do this at home so that one can put that extra time into perfecting your look.

  • Remove your contact lenses before your appointment, only for the removal of eyelash extensions.

  • Plan 2 hours of your time for the first false eyelash application. You can also bring your iPod if you wish.

How to take care of your eyelash extensions?

  • Avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours after the application of your eyelash extensions.

  • After your shower, gently pat your false eyelash with a dry towel in order avoid water to stagnate, alternatively use your hairdryer but on cold or mild temperature.

  • Avoid contact with hot water or steam for 48 hours after the application.

  • The occasional visit to the sauna is not ruled out but should not be daily as this could shorten the your extensions life span and cause your own lashes to change orientation.

  • A mixed or oily skin, or even hormonal dispositions, can add to the loss of eyelashes and therefore your extensions.

  • NEVER use mascara, waterproof mascara, an oil based makeup remover or Khol pencils (use liquid eyeliner). These will weaken the structure of your lashes and they will break. Once your lashes are dry (after 10 mins) you will be able to comb them through gently.

  • Do not pull, rub or touch your lashes and take care when washing your face. After the first application, one is not used to this and can lose a little more.

  • Avoid eye contouring creams, gel is best.

  • Do not use eyelash curlers or tint your extensions.

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  • Full set of mink lash to lash : 150€

  • Full set of Russian volume : 175€

  • Infill of mink lash to lash after 2 weeks : 50€

  • Infill of mink lash to lash after 3 weeks : 60€

  • Infill Russian volume after 2 weeks : 55€

  • Infill Russian volume after 3 weeks : 65€

  • Extension removal : 35€

  • Rhinestones : 2€ each

  • Gift vouchers are available