The solution for bitten nails? False nails in gel or acrylic nails

There is a specific term for people who bite their nails, it's called onychophasia.

Nail biting is a very real problem for lots of people. It usually stems from stress and quickly becomes a habit which can be very hard to stop.

Moreover bitten nails are not very favourable when going for a job interview and even less desirable if you were wanting to seduce someone…

We use our hands throughout the day and germs lodge themselves under the nail. Nail biting is helping the development of bacteria, without mentioning all the germs you swallow.

Apparence Beauté offers you a solution to nail biting: Gel or acrylic.

The solution is simple: create a false nail with the resin on the bitten nails. We then continue to build the nail with the resin or gel. From the first application, you'll never look back!

The result is an incredible transformation from bitten nails to perfect hands right to the tip of your nails.

So, nail biters, no need to hide yourselves away anymore, come and free yourselves!

Resin nails are equally a solution for men who bite their nails. And if you are a guitarist it can replace your pick.

Many musicians come to Apparence Beauté. Resin is natural looking and can only bring joy to all.

Bitten nails are not a disaster, you can regain beautiful hands!

It is important to say that commitment from the client is also helpful. Our mutual aim is beautiful hands so one needs to avoid putting those fingers in ones mouth and damaging the gel.

False nails application

by Apparence Beauté

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